Monday, February 15, 2016

Well time is certainly flying by,
  it's already Girl Scout Cookie Season again.  
Our favorite time of year. 
My Girl Scout has been selling cookies for the past 7 years and is well on her way to another outstanding year.  Her goal this year is 3000 boxes of cookies and she is well on her way and is focused on her goal. She could always use your help. Check out her digital store if you would like to order some cookies or make a donation to Operation Smile.  

Our top 6 cookies in Western Washington, but do not forget our gluten free Toffee-tastic orderable now on this site for only $5.50 a box.

She strives to have 10% of her sales to Operation Smile and cookies to the St. Vincent de Paul food bank at her school, St. Mary Magdalen. Very proud of her desire to help others with these tasty treats.
Located at St. Mary Magdalen School, in Everett, WA

Operation Cookie drop sends cookies to our soldiers overseas. We thank you for your support.

So while Vicki is busy with her cookie sales, Mom had to get busy with cooking with Girl Scout Cookies.  Not a bad job to have.  And it's a sacrifice I was willing to endure.

The only tricky part for me this year is about a month ago I gave up about 90-95% of my intake of white flour, sugar, potatoes, rice and brown sugar.    So when I thought about new recipes to try I wanted to make one that would not have any of these additional products.  So  I started to do some well needed testing in my kitchen. And testing gets messy....

And since we love Darigold at this house, a delicious creamy dessert was the option.

Whipping cream and lemon zest,YUM!!
I do miss the Lemon Chalet cookies from days gone by, but I  am very fond of lemon, so Savanah Smiles have become my favorite cookie with a good cup of coffee.  So to make something with these sweet and tangy cookies was a no brainer. 

So with a little help from my Magic Bullet, Darigold and some Savannah Smiles....
Let's get busy....

Please enjoy a rich and indulgent and low sugar, ..................

Savannah Cheesecake Cream
¾ cup Darigold 2% cottage cheese
½ cup Darigold 30% whipping cream
Zest of ½ lemon
2 tsp fresh lemon juice
3 packets Truvia sweetener
4 drop of yellow food coloring (optional)
Blend above ingredients in food processor til thick and creamy  ( I use a Magic Bullet)

5 Savannah Smile Girl Scout Cookies –
1 whole as garnish & 4 crushed to layer within

½ cup prepared Darigold 30% whipped cream with Truvia sweetener

Layer lemon cream, cookies, whipped cream, cookies and more lemon cream ending with whipped cream and full cookie on top.

Enjoy!  This recipe only has 10 grams of sugar from the GS cookies per large serving, and can easily be shared.

Come check out all the recipes you can make with your favorite Girl Scout cookie!!

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